Finding Balance

Wasatch Academy prioritizes developing the whole student, and we know that extracurricular activities are an essential part of personal development. 

Montgomery is an avid snowboarder, skater, and mountain biker. When he’s not studying or in the classroom, he has time and opportunity to pursue his passions – on our private ski hill in the winter, at our new skatepark, or on the trails of the nearby Utah mountains. 

Ethan is a quick learner. Unfamiliar to snowboarding, he picked up a board for the first time this winter and was riding with the best of them by mid-season, thanks to his passion and talent.

Lucas arrived at Wasatch Academy with a strong snowboarding background. Because of our focus on balance between academic classes and outdoor activities, he can continue to foster his snowboarding practice while excelling academically as a student.

You can catch Montgomery, Ethan, and Lucas this summer at the Wasatch Academy Camps.


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