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About Wasatch Academy

We integrate our core values into every part of your summer experience: respect, dignity, kindness, and acceptance. At Wasatch Academy, we focus on fueling campers’ sense of self-empowerment and adventure. We challenge students to build character by trying new things and pushing past their comfort zone. Bike the trails of the Utah national parks, tour some of the best college campuses in the West, bump up your basketball or track skills, or explore the latest tech in our state-of-the-art Technology Studios. These are just a few of the summer camp options available through Wasatch Academy.

Why Utah?


Wasatch Academy Facilities


Blending both historic and modern architectural design, the facilities at Wasatch Academy combine innovation with learning. Our Technology Studios teach students about 3D animation and video game design. Our Studio Arts building houses classes in pottery, photography, sculpture, multimedia arts, and more. And our facilities that support our extracurricular activities, such as equine practice, volleyball, indoor soccer, basketball, and track, cannot be beat.


How far is the Salt Lake City airport from Wasatch Academy?

Wasatch Academy is located in the small town of Mt. Pleasant Utah. Our campus is 104 miles from the SLC international airport. It is approximately a 1hr 45-minute drive.

What are the dorms like?

Wasatch Academy has male and female specific dorms on campus. Dorm parents are available during the summer camps to chaperone and assist campers.

Each dorm room has 2 beds and 2 desks. Bottom sheets are provided on beds. Bring your own sleeping bags or blankets and pillow.

A key card will be assigned to each camper that only opens their dorm building and dorm room. 

All dorm buildings have a lounge area and kitchen. WiFi is also available. 

What are Wasatch Academy's policies?

Wasatch Academy is a drug-, alcohol-, and tobacco-free campus. Our dress code does not allow any offensive or illegal images. 

The dress and grooming of our students must always be appropriate, neat, and clean, consistent with Wasatch Academy values.

Is there a curfew?

Yes. At 10:00 pm all summer campers must be in dorms.

Is there medical support on campus?

Yes. Wasatch Academy has a wellness center with nurses on campus or on call.

The Sanpete Valley Hospital and Clinic are only a few blocks from campus.

All Wasatch Academy faculty and staff are CPR certified as well.

Are food specific needs accommodated?

Yes. We make accommodations for dietary needs and food allergies.

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