Wasatch Academy National Park Tour

Wasatch Academy’s location is so close to 5 incredible national parks that we thought it’s only fitting to invite you to join us on a National Parks tour. Not only are Utah’s national parks beautiful, but we know a thing or two about our own backyard. Expect a few off-the-beaten-trail excursions to some amazing, surprise sites. 

Do you know any archeologists? Don’t worry, we do! Nancy Hewitt will be joining us on the National Parks Tour to illuminate the history of the parks. Nancy was born and raised in the national parks, was a seasonal park ranger, and has a master’s degree in Anthropology. You do not want to miss this trip. 

Looking for more than an epic journey through Utah’s best parks? How about a personal enrichment project. We support a vast array of personal development and college enrichment projects. See our Camps page for more information about the Utah National Parks Tour with Wasatch Academy.

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