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New State-of-the-Art Skatepark & Activities Center

Take advantage of your time at a Wasatch Academy summer camp to enjoy our new skatepark, built by premier skatepark designers & builders, Spohn Ranch. Right next door is our new Activities Center, where the action never stops.  With three full-size basketball courts, three full-size volleyball courts, an indoor track, and more, you’re sure to […]

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Finding Balance

Wasatch Academy prioritizes developing the whole student, and we know that extracurricular activities are an essential part of personal development.  Montgomery is an avid snowboarder, skater, and mountain biker. When he’s not studying or in the classroom, he has time and opportunity to pursue his passions – on our private ski hill in the winter, […]

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Wasatch Academy Meets the Mighty 5

Wasatch Academy’s location is so close to 5 incredible national parks that we thought it’s only fitting to invite you to join us on a National Parks tour. Not only are Utah’s national parks beautiful, but we know a thing or two about our own backyard. Expect a few off-the-beaten-trail excursions to some amazing, surprise […]

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