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Wasatch Academy Summer Camps

Sports. Academics. Adventure.

Make the most of your summer by honing your athletic skills, discovering new adventures, and enriching your mind by attending one of our summer camps. 

Sports Camps

Improve your game.

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Academic Camps

Expand your mind.




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Adventure Camps

Discover new trails.

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Your Kind of Learning

Here at Wasatch Academy, we do things a bit differently.

At Wasatch Academy, our goal is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world experience. Different teaching styles encourage students to learn in different ways. We believe you can learn important lessons on a mountain bike trail or basketball court as well as in a classroom or a lab. Between our academic, sports, and adventure camps, our summer programs, and our academic school year, there is an opportunity for every student to find their optimal sense of balance between academics and the rest of life.

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